an RR22 production by Emma King
photographs by Andyland

modeling by Mandragora
words by Thuja

she is reaching down into the water
there is a moment of silence like the
space between two rings of the bell
her face is covered with pearls and 
a simple cloth falls from her back to
her waist to her thigh & she has not
been here before you are sure of it
as you are always near in the other
room & never before heard a sound
to indicate a visitor like her but of
course she makes no sound now she
moves silently and quick her hand is
reaching deep into the water as if 
she is searching for something you
wonder if she hears you she takes
no notice you hold your breath to 
keep from moving but it is too late

a sound like a tempest fills your head she threatens but does not kill

there is call for celebration if you would but join me here in the water

join me
listen the sea speaks through pipes 
of fire on the water black water at night and green in the white morning we were shamed but not forgotten poisoned but not forever like the mushrooms there is much left to say listen speak not in words think of it  if you could not leave as I cannot all  places being the same without doors would you find time to forget love think without your words she asks so you watch as if made of thin glass as she is filled with revelation and the fire with her dances wildly to the coming storm

how I have hungered she says without words

free me from this entrapment from this poison free me or die

 it’s been so long living in these pipes
 between here & there with the fish
 with the bottles and the lost things
 every color water the sick and well
 to the place where tears run black
 the city below and within this one
 never dry always echoing between
 from this portal to the next & back
 turned from rush of hot open & fall
 down to your skin or cold in summer
 what if i dream of deserts and rain 
 on some burnt forest

the candlelight is the key from this wet portal to the next evaporate me

what a beautiful home you have this dry & still place such lovely things

but i can’t stay here the cavern calls for all water to find it’s way back

Mandragora is a NYC based model and leech doctor.

Find her on insta @swanbyte

photos by andyland:
:produced by thuja