an RR22 production by Emma King
photography by Andyland
art, modeling and poetry by Sal Chen


each day

between the veil

of life and death

a bardo being

shuffles realities

like the pages of an infinite book

time has no meaning

when the sun rises and sets

within the cavern of your chest

and day and night fall upon your mind

each time you open and close your eyes

the sound of light touches you

at your primordial core

and silence gazes at your face, your flesh, your skeleton

the mind is the body is the mind

is the environment is the natural flow of life

is the continuous expression of all

is the infinite mind is the infinite body

but what do we know and

what can we experience

of eternity

the infinity rooms and mirror pools we find amongst

billions of neural pathways

bridging thought to feeling to sensation to experience to action

you to me

the landscapes that form on your body

ridges and grooves

impressions of lifetimes and microscopic galaxies

divine speckles that live and fade

how beautifully insignificant

and how much time, energy, history, and

layers upon layers of processes of creation

for this now-existence

and how momentary and brief it is

to not revel in the ecstasy of its fullness

thursday, april 02, 2020

The sound of wind

howling past my windows

the echoing layers of sound

trembling vibrations

of a creaky home

warm and dusty

corners that haven’t seen sunlight in ages

colors in the sky

screaming a quiet nostalgia of childhood

clouds like thoughts

passing over me

puddles of sunlight

that warm the billions of cells

holding me grounded

my spine awakened with pain

carries trauma

a heavy weight

i pray for the wind to turn me

to dust and set me free

the eternal self

welcomes me home

electricity like waves

currents flowing from the earth’s core

carry me home

my skeleton wrapped in flesh and memory

The creative spirit

It is inside the core

of every being

It is always there,

like a heartbeat

sometimes it is faint

and sometimes it is pounding

It illuminates the dark corners

and ignites each fiber

that holds all of me together

It keeps me anchored and grounded

yet expanding, stretching

into limitless time and space

If I were a tree

and you dug your hand, reaching into

the center of my trunk

You would find this inside

the invisible cavity

that contains my Spirit heart

I carry the blueprint

the coding for Heaven

in my cells, flesh, and bone

There is Heaven

spilling out from me

When I walk, when I speak

and when I breathe

There is Heaven in my being

(I think we live in Heaven)


Sal Chen (any pronouns, gender anarchy) is a writer, educator, & multidisciplinary artist from NYC.

Sal’s work is inspired by her intersectional identities (being a Chinese-American, gender-fluid, child of immigrants, growing up in NYC).

She holds a passionate vision of co-creating a socially and environmentally conscious, compassionate & sustainable world for our collective thriving.

Our future world is fueled by the transformation of the individual and the exploration of inner realms.

For more, visit:

IG: @sal.chen

photos by andyland :
: production by thuja